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Support and Wellbeing at Girvan Academy

The Support and Wellbeing department at Girvan Academy is one of two South Ayrshire provisions for pupils with 'stage 4' support needs. This means that they have been allocated a place in the department through a referral system based on their level of need - it often means they are being placed in a school... Continue Reading →

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Inclusion: the Girvan Academy philosophy

Everyone flourishes… In Girvan Academy, our vision is to develop an inclusive learning environment which recognises and embraces diversity whilst meeting the needs of all learners. We respect every young person for who they are, regardless of their background, life circumstances, personal choices or individual needs. In doing so, we recognize the significant role we […]

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UNESCO – Inclusive Education

“Inclusive education is an ongoing process aimed at offering quality education for all while respecting diversity and the different needs and abilities, characteristics and learning expectations of the students and communities, eliminating all forms of discrimination..... Inclusive education is central to the achievement of high-quality education for all learners and the development of more inclusive... Continue Reading →

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